Years of practicing Physical Therapy have led us to realize the importance of massage in the process of healing.  During most of our Physical Therapy treatments for varied injuries we have found different massage techniques are essential in making tissue function normal again. 

People involved in sports, especially competitively have muscular restrictions and some don’t even realize it.  If these restrictions are not eliminated one can lose normal movement patterns and further injury may occur.  Aside from leaving the client feeling relaxed, the goal of our massage is to return the client to their maximum potential. 

The LIPT massage technique involves the use of laser (benefits previously described) before and after the massage then finishing with stretching of involved muscle groups.  Depending on the need of the client and what restrictions the Physical Therapist encounters during the treatment will determine what type of technique is used.  Deep Tissue, Myofascial Release, Trigger Point, as well as Swedish may be used during a session.

General full body massage is available but in some cases massage may be dedicated to a specific area of concern.  For example a runner may request a massage that would benefit their performance.  That type of massage may include lower back, legs and foot work.  Also depending on when the massage is requested, for example before or after an event, will determine what type of massage is best suited.

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$80.00 | 60 minutes
$120.00 | 90 minutes
$160.00 | 120 minutes

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